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Urethral Stricture Disease

Urethral strictures arise from different causes and can result in slow urinary stream, urinary discomfort, bladder stones, recurrent urinary infections, and urinary retention. Establishing effective treatment of urethral stricture disease can be challenging, and a thorough understanding of urethral anatomy and reconstructive technique is essential. 


  • Presenting Symptoms 
  • Evaluation of Urinary Flow (flowrate) and post void residual 
  • Cystoscopy - visual evaluation of the urethra
  • Retrograde/ Antegrade Urethrogram
  • Penile Urethra Ultrasound

Treatment options

The treatment choice is tailored to patient's individual symptoms, stricture size and location in the urethra, and additional pertinent history and risk factors for a successful repair.

  • Urethral dilation
  • Internal Urethrotomy
  • Primary repair
    • With stricture excision and primary anastomosis
    • With Tissue transfer
      • Free graft repair
        • Full-thickness graft
        • Split-thickness graft
      • Buccal Mucosal Graft
      • Pedicled Skin Flaps
      • Other grafts